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Horizon Micro Publishing, LLC is a small-run, collaborative publisher that evolved from Horizon Micro Distributors, a computer distributor from 1986-2002. We are located in bucolic Banks, Oregon. We have joined with the Mark Twain scholar David H. Fears (who does not own Horizon) to publish his monumental reference work, an annotated chronology of the life of Mark Twain. When finished the work will cover approx. 4,000 pages in 3 volumes. A comprehensive day-by-day has never been done on Mark Twain, and Mr. Fears has spent years compiling and analyzing primary and secondary sources--letters, newspaper articles, diaries, journals, as well as a host of scholarly and history books and articles. There is nothing quite like MTDBD--it is a truly remarkable historical record and unique sort of "biography" of the man and his times. The following are but a few of the institutions which have purchased Vol. I, published in January 2008.

Harvard University, Yale University, Auburn University, Elmira College, Portland State University, Butler University, Randolph-Macon College, Ohio University, University of Tennessee, University of Michigan, Cornell University, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, University of Nevada at Reno, Pacific University, The Citadel, The Huntington Library, Nevada State Library, Missouri Historical Society, American Antiquarian Society, The Millicent Library, The Mark Twain Library Assoc., The James. S. Copley Library, The Mark Twain House in Hartford.


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