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Addenda/Errata Vol. III (1897-1904)

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  • Sept 3, 1904 (added Apr. 3, 2012)
  • Dec. 16, 1904 (added May 31, 2011) 
  • Correction throughout vol 3: Sam's NY address was 14 W 10th, not 1410 W. 10th 
  • 25, 28 Apr. 1903 (added Mar. 10, 2011)
  • 25 Oct 1901 (added Feb. 16, 2011)
  • 13 May 1904 (added Feb. 7, 2011)
  • 21 Apr 1902 (added Feb. 9, 2011)

(added Feb. 7, 2011) May 13, 1904 correction – The note of introduction was mistakenly seen as “Abner Herferd,” but was from Oliver Herferd. See Apr. 8, 1904 from Herferd, who wrote from NYC to Sam giving him a letter of introduction for Mr. & Mrs. Kirke La Shelle.

(added Mar. 10, 2011) Apr. 26, 28, May 4, 1903 correctionsHillary Trent” (a pseudonym for R.M. Manley) was referred to as a “her.” Manley was a man.

(added Feb. 9, 2011) April 21, 1902 addition The “tragic incident” in “A Defence of General Funston” was mentioned in Sam’s “chastening letter” to  Nathaniel S. Olds was then on the staff of the Rochester Post Express; Olds had reviewed Double-Barrelled. Tenney offers the following, “Reviewing A Double-Barrelled Detective Story (in ‘the Post Express, in Rochester, N.Y., then a highly respectable afternoon daily and now owned by Mr. Hearst’), Olds questioned the plausibility of the incident in which a pregnant woman is tied to a post and dogs are set on her; in a letter here published MT tells Olds that the fictional account is based on a real event” [107; 1932.B24]. Note: Sam wrote the story during the summer of 1901 while staying at Saranac Lake. It first appeared in Harper’s Magazine in January-February 1902. Harper’s then issued it as a book in April with illustrations by Lucius Hitchcock. Chatto & Windus came out with the book in June 1902. In 1904 it was collected in The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Essays and Stories.

(added Apr. 3, 2012) Sept.3, 1904 addition - Sam wrote from Deal, NJ to daughter Clara:

Deal NJ

Saturday eve.

Clara dear, I saw Mr. Sawyer & Mr. Benedict & arranged that matter. Here at this country house exposed to all teh winds of winter, they warm all the bedrooms wtiht oil stoves, & are well satisfied with them. They say we need have no fears.

I expect to return to the Wolcott next Tuesday forenoon--don't you dare  leave before I see you, dear heart.

With lots of love ---- Father [MTP]. Note: date set by this editor. Sam was staying one night with Col. Harvey at his Deal Beach, NJ house.

(added Feb. 9, 2011) Oct. 25, 1901 addition – Sam replied to a request (not extant) by Miss Helena Hachmann in Catania, Sicily.

New York City, Oct. 25.

Dear Miss Hachmann: / I am of those who never meddle with their own business, but confine their industries to other people’s. Will you drop a line to my London publishers, Chatto & Windus, 111 St. Martin’s Lane? They have full authority to act for me in all European matters.

Very Sincerely Yours / SL. Clemens

[eBay item 260733725937 by rright33295v8s, Feb. 16, 2011]. Note: such requests were usually for permission to translate some of Twain’s works and/or to use excerpts in some other publication.

 (added May 31, 2011) Dec. 16, 1904 addition - Sam wrote to Margaret Jenkins in London, concerning the movement against King Leopold. His letter is not extant, but referred to in Jenkins' reply of Jan. 12, 1905 (see in forthcoming Vol. 4) [MTP].