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Mark Twain Day By Day Vol. II (1886-1896)


Volume 2 of MTDBD expands to have a listing for every date, even when no information is at hand, which gives some indication of gaps when Sam Clemens was holed up, possibly writing. In addition, this volume EXPANDS THE SCOPE of Volume I, by a review of EVERY available in-coming letter to Mark Twain, important or trivial. Offered is a short summary, paraphrase or quoted excerpt from these letters. Even more significant are listings calculated from existing letters to and from MT, that mention letters not extant.

 The index has also been expanded, with many interesting sub-categories for MT. Bravo! say all serious Twain scholars and researchers.

 NOTE: March 27, 2016: There may be a slight delay shipping Vol. 2 as we wait for more copies from the bindery.

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