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Second Edition VOL I now underway


A second edition of Volume I is now complete and SHIPPING as of June 18, 2014. This volume has been out of print for the past year. So many possible additions and corrections have piled up for (1835-1885), and the desire to add most if not all INCOMING letters has led to the work being started. NO plans for new editions of other volumes. In fact, this is my last contribution to Twain studies. At least, this side of paradise. If you're interested in obtaining this expanded edition, best buy now-a very limited quantity have been printed. Thanks.

David H Fears

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Volume I - 2nd Edition Now shipping. Limited quantities.

Vol. 1-2nd ed. is now available for purchase on the STORE page with either credit card or Paypal.

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Unique marble windows in Sam's billiard room!

On my first visit to the Mark Twain House in Sept. of 2009, I was awe-struck by the beauty and reality of the place. There were so many fascinating DETAILS of such beauty and grace and thought. In particular, I was struck by two special windows at the desk end of Sam's third-floor billiard room, which obviously were designed with Twain in mind: they were translucent and I found out later they were thin pieces of marble! I had not heard about them or read about them before; they were mesmerizing. Photos weren't allowed inside the house, but a "little mouse" took these for me and I'm happy to display them. The window on the lefts ports "18" with designs and the one on the right "74" with designs--denoting 1874, the year the house was completed.

       Mark Twain Day By Day Vol. I (1835-1885); Mark Twain Day By Day Vol. II (1886-1896); Mark Twain Day By Day Vol. III (1897-1904); Mark Twain Day By Day Vol. IV (1905-1910) - announcing a 2nd edition for Vol I is shipping as of June 18, 2014.



          The first ever fully annotated day-by-day chronology

                    of the life of Samuel L. Clemens!


Samuel Langhorne Clemens lived 74 years, 4 months, and 23 days—or 27,171 days. At 27 years of age he began using the nom de plume, “Mark Twain,” which most Americans have known him by since. It is understatement to say that his life was a full one. Here at last is a detailed and indexed account, a monumental work taken from a wide range of published and unpublished sources, of his life, the first 50 years. Volume I is  1,148 pages; Volume II is 1,298 pages--these reference books are indispensable for any serious Twain scholar or library.  – K. E. Sullivan, Horizon Micro Publishing, LLC -- The Ultimate Mark Twain Reference – 

$125 per volume + $7 USPS media mail shipping each volume in US; $45 USPS Int'l Flat Rate shipping.  

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This 40 minute talk was part of Elmira College's "The Trouble Begins at Eight" fall series. The title of the talk was "The Making of Mark Twain Day By Day: Rudyard Kipling Meets Mark Twain."


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Volume I - 2nd Edition is now shipping: expanded to 1,465 pages! Limited quantity.

Volume II, III & IV are still shipping, though in short supply.